Biography: Marko Benini (member 2006 – 2014)


Marko Benini – Drums and Backing Vox

Marko Benini, born 20th April 1988, in Belgrade, Serbia, has made South Africa his home since 1993. This self-taught multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer has developed a reputation as one of South Africa’s most talented drummers in only a short number of years, welcoming acclaim from crowds and critics with his unique playing and enigmatic style. Marko Benini first started playing musical instruments at age 13, beginning with guitar and then later moving on to the drums at age 15. Involvement with earlier bands includes the thrash metal band “Devise”, which then later also formed an afro-funk band called “Funkstration” with the addition of female vocalist, Lindi Dube. During this time, development of his own small project studio began called Black Sheep Studios. After which his interest and envelopment in recording and producing started. This also opened up opportunities for playing more improvisational jam sessions with various artists in and around Pretoria. Amongst which was Pretorian champion pop rockers Kid of Doom, including Ryk Master and multi-instrumentalist Richard Brokensha, now guitarist and lead vocalist for Isochronous.

In late 2006, Marko Benini, Richard Brokensha, and Alfredo Ridolfo (Ruvel) went on to develop a CD/DVD package called “Musick” which featured fusion-rock influences with Marko Benini on Drums, Richard Brokensha on Bass, and Alfredo Ridolfo on guitar. After this project, Marko Benini and Richard Brokensha started writing and recording songs together at Black Sheep Studios. This can be seen as the early beginnings of the Isochronous sound and song writing process. Some of the songs written during this time include the much loved tracks, “False Contact” and “Open tragedy”, both found on Isochronous’ self-titled debut album. Including his involvement in writing, playing, and producing for Isochronous, Marko Benini has also worked as a session musician for B Sharp Studio and bands such as “Wrestlerish” and Hip-hop sensation “Tumi and the Volumes”. Recent projects also include writing and producing for other artists. His most noteworthy collaboration thus far has been with one of South Africa’s top producers and double SAMA award winners, PH Van Pletzen, from “Yesterdays Pupil”.

Marko left the band in 2014 to pursue other musical aspirations.