Alex Parker


Keyboard was not Alex Parker’s first instrument. He began on the drums and even made a pit stop at Guitar Lane. His parents bought him his first and only drum set at the age of 14, but by age 15 the guitar had appealed to Alex’s musical curiosity, reason why he decided to learn more about the instrument and in no time he joined his school’s rock band. He continued to play these instruments until the age of 20 when he stumbled upon Marko Benini and Franco Schoeman. These two guys had teamed up with Alex’s long time friend, Richard Brokensha, to form what was a progressive-rock band at the time. The name of the band: Isochronous. He was obsessed. He attended all the practices and rehearsals, and eventually the guys had no choice but to ask him to join the band in some capacity, and that turned out to be the keyboard player.

Towards the end of 2007, as the band’s fan base began to pick up and the proceedings for the first album were on their way, Alex decided that a more formal approach was required with regards to his musical training in order to enrich his natural talent. He enrolled at the Tshwane University of Technology to study Music and Piano where he is currently in his third year. Alex has since become a highly versatile musician who regularly features in numerous other projects from all corners of the musical spectrum, including Tumi, Jesse Clegg and Zaki Ibrahim to name a few.

Alex  loves film, cricket good books, golf and football, great food and good conversation.