• Rabbit Hole - Polydimension
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The Blue Giant is a short period within a star’s life before it drastically reduces its mass, by violently imploding. Orbiting such a far distant sun spinning round her diagonal axis, a planetary being. Glowing dimly of a cold grey light, her rotation slowly reveals a face resembling a wizened old woman supported by her equally wrinkled hands connected by a loosely knit network of debris.

Severely disfiguring this imprisoned face, at the very top of her once round head, above her frowning forehead, stretches an impact crater across the indented void. The Blue Giant at the centre of her solar system casts a dark shadow from the nearest rim deep into the restless lake at the crater bottom. Below the glimmering surface of the ominous lake lie a milliard of mysteries. Far above the water line, near the edges of the crater, live the crater folk.

In many ways the crater folk are human-like; endoskeletal structure, positioned upright on two legs, and fro the torso, their arms extend to their hands at the furthest end. Perhaps not so familiar are their eyes. Typically a glossy-black, as the entire organ functions as a human iris with a singular bulgingcornea. Upon their faces are vague birthmarks, unique to each individual.

The crater folk have little knowledge of the escarpments outside the crater and regularly warn each other about the dangers outside the breathing dome, an atmospheric dome that stretches across the crater indentation. They do not know why there is a zone in which they can breathe in, but it is speculated that the minimal strange vegetation has an influence. These interactive growths, their structures naturally occurring on the surface of the crater, are unique in that they do not quite possess the characteristics of plants, rather somewhat more a mix between unusual succulents, coral and mushroomoidal fungi. There are innumerable species, and each possesses a particular function be it fruitlike growths, shelter structures, luminous glowing light sources or defensive poison exhalations.

Most prominent of all creatures, yet to be fully understood by the crater folk, is he who can only be recognised by the “Circular Scars”. Said to be operating in the dark times of her cycles, it roams the shores near the crater lake and folk who visit, rarely return. 

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